4th Anniversary Campaign & Update information!
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    "AVABEL LUPINUS." will celebrate its 4th anniversary on 2023/2/7 from the official service launch!
    This is also thanks to the customers who are playing. Thank you very much.
    To commemorate the 4th anniversary, we will carry out a special campaign and update.

    Get up to 44 Gems! 4th Anniversary Login Bonus

    During the period, if you log in and come to Revere, you will receive 2 Gems every day.You can get up to 44 Gems by logging in every day during the period!
    Period: JST 2023/1/25 15:30~2023/2/15 23:59
    Up to 290 stations! 4th anniversary 10 consecutive free gacha every day

    10 consecutive free gachas held every day! If you spin every day during the period, 290 consecutive

    Period: JST 2023/1/25 15:30~2023/2/22 13:59

    Implementation of Enlightened Awaken Class EX Skills

    New powerful "EX Skills" for all 16 types of "Enlightened Awaken Class"
    At LV440 or higher, you can accept a quest to acquire EX Skills from Reveal' NPC "EX Skill Manager".
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    The second Super high difficulty boss monster "Ultimate Forneus" appears!
    The second Super high difficulty boss monster "Ultimate Forneus" appears!Let's challenge the strongest boss monster ever at the party
    *This is a permanent content with no holding period.

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    Awaken class MasteRing release

    You can create a master ring using ★10 EX Skill Rings of 2 specific Awaken Classes as materials. In addition to being able to use all the skills of the skill ring used as a material for the master ring, the status effect is also increased.
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