Implementation of Enlightened Awaken Class EX Skills
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."
    After the maintenance on January 25, 2023, we would like to inform you that you will be able to learn the EX skill of "Enlightened Awaken Class".

    ■New powerful "EX Skills" for all 16 types of "Enlightened Awaken Class"

    How to acquire EX Skills

      At LV440 or higher, you can accept a quest to acquire EX Skills from Reveal' NPC "EX Skill Manager".
        By clearing the quest, you can get the character-exclusive item “EX Skill Ring”.

    Class name Obtainable skill ring name
    Laevatein Flaming Flash Ring★
    Aegis Abyss Zone Ring★
    Morrigan Poison Blade Ring★
    Destroyer Thunder Ring★
    Iris Flashing Arrow Ring★
    Accelarator Beam Turret Ring★
    Lapidary Vivid Gem Ring★
    Metal Worker Orichalcum Crush Ring★
    Annihilator Catastrophy Ring★
    Disaster Gravity Force Ring★
    Eden Stigmata Ring★
    Cardinal Heaven’s Blow Ring★
    Dragoon Dragonic Rush Ring★
    Siren Lorelei Ring★
    Nosferatu Bloody Wolf Ring★
    Puppet Grand Guignol Ring★

    Advantages of Evolving EX Skill Rings
    Enlightened Awaken Class EX Skill Rings can evolve to ★5.
    By evolving the EX skill ring, there are merits such as an increase in skill Lv (power) and an increase in each status effect.
    Number of ★ Effect
    Each status+120、HP+10000、SP+400
    ★2 Each status+135、HP+15000、SP+800
    ★3 Each status+150、HP+20000、SP+1200
    ★4 Each status+165、HP+25000、SP+1600
    ★5 Each status+180、HP+30000、SP+2000