Awaken Class Maste Ring release

    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."
    We would like to inform you that the recipes for advanced class MasteRing have been released after the maintenance on January 25, 2023.

      What is Awaken Class MasteRing?
    You can create a master ring using ★10 EX Skill Rings of 2 specific Awaken Classes as materials.
    In addition to being able to use all the skills of the skill ring used as a material for the master ring, the status effect is also increased.

    List of EX Skill Ring Material Combinations for Awaken Class Master Rings
    The combinations of EX Skill Rings for Awaken Classes used as materials are as follows.
    *Separate materials are required to synthesize and evolve the master ring.
    Mastering name Material ① (Class name) Material ➁ (Class name)
      True Hero Master Ring1   Exploding Flame Slash Ring10
    (Prominence Knight)
      Drizzling Soaring Slash Ring10
    (Blade Master)
      True Fortitude Master Ring1   Rampage Swing Ring10
    (Fast Blood)
      Light/Dark Sword Dance Ring10
      True Darkness Master Ring1   Death Shadow Shuriken Ring10
    (Shadow Dancer)
      Lightening Surge Ring10
    (Storm Crow)
      True God speed Master Ring1   Bloody Dance Ring10
    (Psycho Killer)
      Gale Lightning Ring10
      True Archer Master Ring1   Freeze Volley Ring10
    (Frost Archer)
      Light Chain Arrow Ring10
      True Shooter Master Ring1   Particle Canon Ring10
      Death Barrage Ring10
      True Magic Master Ring1   Gravity Sphere Ring10
      Elemental Field Ring10
    (Axe Riser)
      True Armor Master Ring1   Electric Smash Ring10
    (Cosmo Shaper)
      Flaming Axe Ring10
      True Hellfire Master Ring1   Darkness Flame Ring10
      Permafrost Ring10
    (Grand Magus)
      True Element Master Ring1   Calamity Tornado Ring10
    (Storm Mage)
      Dazzling Magical Sword Ring10
    (Force Planet)
      True Protection Master Ring1   Blessed Luster Ring10
      Curse Circle Ring10
      True Martial arts Master Ring1   Meteor Kick Ring10
      Expiation Fierce Attacks Ring10
      True Ascending dragon Master Ring1   Brave Assault Ring10
    (High Lancer)
      Dragon Fall Ring10
    (Drake Guardian)
      True Accompaniment Master Ring1   Passionate Impromptu Ring10
      Mystic Paint Ring10
      True Silver wolf Master Ring1   Bloody Slash Ring10
    (Blood Seeker)
      Blaze Knuckle Ring10
    (Demon Eater)
      True Marionette Master Ring1   Decapitation Ring10
      Infernal Shot Ring10
    (Revenant Pool)

        How to create Awaken Class MasteRing
    It can be created by selecting "Advanced Class MasteRing" from the NPC "Expert Blacksmith" in Revere.

    Advantages of MasteRing evolutionA master ring can be evolved up to a maximum of 10 stars, and each status effect will be further increased by evolving.
    * Skill Lv (power), cooltime effect, etc. do not change even if evolved.
    Number of ★ Effect
    Each status+300、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★2 Each status+310、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★3 Each status+320、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★4 Each status+330、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★5 Each status+340、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★6 Each status+350、HP+10000、SP+400、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★7 Each status+360、HP+15000、SP+800、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★8 Each status+370、HP+20000、SP+1200、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★9 Each status+380、HP+25000、SP+1600、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★10 Each status+400、HP+30000、SP+2000、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime