12/18:版本更新情報/Update Information
    定期維護已於 12/18 15:30結束

    商店更新情報 詳情
    技能戒指扭蛋 新扭蛋登場!內含可使用特定技能的技能戒指!
    聖夜歌時裝 追加可獲得新時裝「聖夜歌時裝」的扭蛋!
    裝飾品欄位擴張套組 超優惠的裝飾品欄擴張套組登場!
    聖誕戰場的護身符 販賣入場活動迷宮的道具!每天限購3個!
    版本更新情報 詳情
    關於新星武具附加郵件 新星武具可附加於郵件
    開辦活動情報 詳情
    聖誕大騷動 打倒蜂擁來襲聖誕活動的怪物們,獲得活動限定的技能戒指和家具吧!
    ∟活動期間:JST 2019/12/18 15:00~2019/12/26 3:59
    神速狛犬!巨大獅子狗討伐戰 活動期間將出現活動專用成就,完成即可獲得冒險生活中大有用處的道具!
    ∟活動期間:JST 2019/12/18 15:00~2020/1/1 13:59
    修正完畢 詳情
    愉快酒鬼!巨大古狸討伐戰 ~JST 2019/12/18 13:59
    洞窟尋寶 ~收集香巴拉之魂~ ~JST 2019/12/18 13:59
    Regular maintenance ended on 12/18 15:30
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    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 12/18

    Correspondence Details
    Shop Updates Details
    Skill Ring Pack Pack to get Skill Rings to use special Skills will be available!
    *Please check here for more details about Skill Rings.
    Hymn Avatar Pack including new avatar, "Hymn Avatar" is added!
    Acc. Slot Expansion Set Acc. Slot Expansion Set will be available at reasonable buy
    and enhancing materials for Event Skill Rings comes as bonus!
    Christmas Battle Field Talisman We will also start selling only 3 items per day to enter the event dungeons with a great deal!
    Update Information Details
    Attaching Astra Arms on Mail You may now attach Astra Arms on Mail.
    Opening Events Details
    Christmas Panic Let's get event-limited Skill Rings and furnitures by defeating the ghosts trying to mess up the Christmas Event!
    ∟Period: JST 2019/12/18 15:00~2019/12/26 3:59
    Speedy Dog! Giant Shih Tzu Defeat Battle! There will be event-only achievements for you to get usable items for your adventure during the period!
    ∟Period: JST 2019/12/18 15:00~2020/1/1 13:59
    Completed Details
    Happy Drunks! Giant Raccoon Dog Defeat Battle! ~JST 2019/12/18 13:59
    Treasure Hunt in Cave - Let’s collect souls of Shambhala - ~JST 2019/12/18 13:59
    Thank you for your cooperation.