回歸活動/Come-back Campaign
    感謝各位玩家一直以來對『AVABEL LUPINUS』的支持。

    JST:2019/10/30 15:00 ~ 2019/11/13 13:59

    • 交換券每天將於成就內發放10張!
    • 活動期間,將出現用交換券即可獲得盧恩武器箱和防具箱的「盧恩武具交換承接」!


    2019/10/30 14:00為止遊玩的玩家還可獲得追加的10張!
    10/30  14:00 維護前已遊玩本遊戲的玩家,為表謝意,我們將追加贈送「10張」券!
     交換期間:JST 2019/10/30 15:00~2019/11/20 13:59
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    JST:2019/10/30 15:00 ~ 2019/11/13 13:59

    • We are giving away 10 tickets necessary for exchange, everyday at Achievements!
    • There will be "Rune Arms Exchange Reception" to get Rune Weapon Box and Arm Box by using the ticket during the event!
    *The rarity for Rune Weapon Box and Arm Box that drops will be from 1 star to 5 stars.

    How to get it
    • Character → "Achievement" → "Campaign" → "Rune Arms Exchange Ticket Giveaway"
    *"Rune Arms Exchange Ticket" will be added to "Achievement" for the first character logged in.

    Giving-away 10 tickets for users who are playing until 2019/10/30 14:00!
    For the users who have been playing LUPINUS until 10/30, 14:00, we will be sending "10 Tickets" in addition as a thank-you giveaway!
    *These 10 tickets can be received from "GM Mail" of the first logged in character.
    *Tickets will be added to "Achievements" and "GM Mail" of the first character logged in.
    *There will be Equipment levels for appearing arms.
    *There will be Event Item Exchange NPC to exchange items at Revere for certain amount of time even after the event ends.
     Exchange Period:2019/10/30 15:00~2019/11/20 13:59