First time purchased Gems 2x campaign now available!
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    JST:2024/03/01  0:00 ~ 2024/03/03  23:59:59

    ・During the period, added Gems are doubled for first time when purchasing Gems (each 6 types)
    ・This will be limited-time-only campaign for increasing amount up to 2,767 Gems.
    ・You can check the Gems history from TOP→Menu→Customer Support→Gem History
    *It will end as soon as Gems have been purchased at either OS from Give-away No.1 to 6.
    *The Gems giving away will be Unpaid Gems
    *Give-away Gems will be transferred to the "Platform which was first logged in when purchased."
    *There may be situation where bonus Gems will not completely be 100%, due to amount of purchased gems differ according to Android and iOS.
    No Purchased Gems(android) Purchased Gems(ios) Give-away Details
    1 12 Gems 12 Gems Give-away 12 Gems
    2 55 Gems 55 Gems Give-away 55 Gems
    3 120 Gems 120 Gems Give-away 120 Gems
    4 380 Gems 374 Gems Give-away 380 Gems
    5 700 Gems 701 Gems Give-away 700 Gems
    6 1500 Gems 1501 Gems Give-away 1500 Gems