Total Gems Purchase Bonus
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    We will start the bonus campaign for Gems purchase!
    This is a give-away campaign to get items by purchasing Gems during the campaign.
    Don't miss this chance to get items to make your adventure more fun!

    The previous compensation is being tabulated, so please wait.
    We will be individually compensated for the Items.

    JST:2024/02/28 15:00 ~ 2024/03/27 13:59

    Give away
    Total Gems Details
    Total 10 Manager Top E
    Manager Bottoms E
    Total 50 Red Extra Support Book
    Total 75 Blue Extra Support Book
    Total 100 Green Extra Support Book
    Total 200 Small Sharp Crystal Box 3 10
    Small Hard Crystal Box 3 10
    Total 500 Red shooting Star Bk
    Total 600 Blue Shooting Star Bk
    Total 700 Green Shooting Star Bk
    Total 1000 Rainbow Shooting Star Bk
    Total 1500 Crescent Ring 3
    Total 2000 Max Boost Crystal 30
    Total 2500 Slot Release 500
    Total 3000 Rift Stone 500
    Total 4000 Material Ring 3
    Total 5000 Rainbow Stardust Bk

    *The number of Gems will be the total amount of purchase during the campaign.
    *Once the number of Gems have reached the specific amount, the give-away item will automatically be transferred in the Shop Box.
    *You will be able to receive 1 time per 1 account.
    *There may be times that this campaign will end suddenly.
    *The amount of Gems added from the other campaigns such as First-time Payment Gems Increase Campaign will not be counted in the future.