3rd Anniversary CountDown!!
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    3rd Anniversary Countdown Campaign

    JST:2022/01/26 15:30 ~ 2022/02/09 23:59


    Let's get Gems by logging in every day until the 3rd-anniversary celebration for "AVABEL LUPINUS"!
    Achievements by logging in to the "3rd Anniversary Event Venue" every day during the event!
    You can receive 2 Gems every day! (Max 30)

    Clear special quests and get magic stones every day!
    During the period, a special quest will appear at the "3rd Anniversary Event Venue".
    A monster appears at the venue where the event was being prepared!
    If you clear the monster subjugation request, you can get Gems.You can get up to 30 Gems by clearing every day.

    You can do 10 spins once a day for free!
    MAX 150 free, Mevius series, Crescent Ring, Material Ring, etc.
    You may win a luxurious item.