[UPDATE]Christmas Panic

    JST:2021/12/15 15:30 ~ 2021/12/29 23:59

    Exchange Period
    JST:2021/12/15 15:30 ~ 2021/12/29 23:59

    Event contents
    Let's get event-limited Skill Rings and furnitures by defeating the ghosts trying to mess up the Christmas Event!
    You can get total of 10 types of Event Skill Rings by clearing event quests!
    Regarding Event Skill Rings
    You can also use special skill with Christmas motif by equipping Event Skill Ring!
    Also, you can deal massive damage towards the monsters in "Christmas Battle Field!"​

    *Special skills can be used by anyone, regardless of class and equipped weapon.​
     You can use it by equipping the skill ring, and register the skill on to short-cut from the skill menu's "Novice."
    Flow of the event
    1.Accept the Event Quests from Revere's Christmas Quest Reception Anna!
    2.Talk to John and challenge "Christmas Battle Field" and "Christmas Battle Field Rare"
     to get event-limited skill rings from rewards!
    3.Enhace your Event Skill Rings by collecting "Ornament" from drops and quest rewards!
     *You can enhance up to 5 stars by Event Skill Rings.
    How to go to Event Hall
    ①Talk to Event Transferrer ②Select Christmas Tower floor!
    Drop Up Dungeon is also available
    Get "Christmas Battle Field Talisman" at the Shop and challenge "Christmas Battle Field Rare"!
    The drop rate of "Ornament" is raised a lot at "Christmas Battle Field Rare"!

    Event Rewards
    Quest Rewards Amount
    Talk to [Christmas Panic]Conversion Penta Snowman Parades Ring 1(Physical) 1
    Talk to [Christmas Panic]Dungeon Reception Joachim Snowman Parades Ring 1(Magic) 1
    Defeat Edwards Happy Present Ring 1(Physical) 1
    Defeat Maid from Purgatorys Happy Present Ring 1(Magic) 1
    Defeat Ghost in the Robots Christmas Cracker Ring 1(Physical) 1
    Defeat Ghost Crusaders Christmas Cracker Ring 1(Magic) 1
    Defeat Centaurs Holy Tree Ring 1(Physical) 1
    Defeat Ghost of Hospitallers Holy Tree Ring 1(Magic) 1
    Defeat Ghost of Kirishitan Daimyo Tree Attack Ring 1(Physical) 1
    Defeat Ghost of Templar Tree Attack Ring 1(Magic) 1
    Defeat Edwards 2 Ornament 20
    Defeat Maid from Purgatorys 2 Ornament 20
    Defeat Ghost in the Robots 2 Ornament 20
    Defeat Ghost Crusaders 2 Ornament 20
    Defeat Centaurs 2 Ornament 20
    Defeat Ghost of Hospitallers 2 Ornament 20
    Defeat Ghost of Kirishitan Daimyo 2 Ornament 20
    Defeat Ghost of Templar 2 Ornament 20
    Fragment of Top Star Ornament 20
    Let's get Christmas Furnitures
    Exchange to Christmas Furnitures by giving "Ornament" to Christmas Furniture Exchange Reception Joseph!
    * You can create my room furniture with 5 furniture items.
    *MyRoom Room Manager [Create Furniture>Create by Material>Event Furniture]

    交換報酬 素材 必要数
    Christmas Furniture Ornament 8
    Christmas Furniture BOX Ornament 40
    Wintry Furniture Ornament 8
    Wintry Furniture BOX Ornament 40
    2021Christmas Furniture Ornament 8
    2021Christmas Furniture BOX×5 Ornament 40
    Xmas BOX 2021 Ornament 40
    *BOX items is  in 5 furniture items.
    *Synthesizing Event Skill Rings will be until 2021/12/29 23:59, when Event Synthesis NPC will dissappear.