Phantom Corridor

    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    2021/11/17 After the maintenance, the "Phantom Corridor" event has started.

    --A mysterious map that suddenly appeared.

    A subjugation team was formed to monsters for investigation, and a large-scale investigation began.
    As a result of the investigation, it seems that monsters are appearing in four areas, north, south, east, and west, centering on the "Phantom Corridor Entrance".
    In addition, the monster group has a rare crystal called "magical crystals", but it took a number to investigate it.
    Therefore, adventurers are asked to subdue monsters and collect magical crystals.

    Event Period
    JST:2021/11/17 15:30 ~ 2021/12/1 13:59

    Event contents
    Defeat the monsters in the field extending from the entrance of the Phantom Corridor to the north, south, east, and west, and collect "Magical Crystals"!
    Each monster that appears on the field has its own characteristics, and it is desirable to subdue it at a party.

    -Field description
    North: A group of monsters with excellent physical attacks are appearing.
    South: A group of monsters with excellent magic defense are appearing.
    West: A group of monsters with excellent magic attacks are appearing.
    East: A group of monsters with excellent physical defense are appearing.

    Please subdue with equipment and parties suitable for each field.
    Also, if you clear all the monster subjugation quests in each field ordered from the NPC "[Dream Corridor] Special Reception" at the entrance of the Dream Corridor.
    You will be able to challenge the dungeon by introducing the dungeon guide of the dream corridor.
    Monsters from each field will appear on each floor in the dungeon, so let's challenge by forming a party that can handle all four types.

    1. Complete quests on the dedicated event map, challenge the dedicated dungeon, and collect "Large Magical Crystals"!
    2. Get items with "Large Magical Crystals" and "Magical Crystals"!

    How to go to Event Hall
    1. Talk to Event Transferrer
    2.Select the Phantom corridor entrance
      Event Reward
    Item Gacha
    Mevius Box 240-280
    Rift Stone Box 240-280
    Slot Release Box 240-280
    ORB Remover Box 240-280
    DP Water+
    Large Magical Crystals
    Miracle Water
    DP Water
    Evolution Gangue
    Max Boost Crystals
    Shining Fire Stone 3
    Shining Water Stone 3
    Shining Wind Stone 3
    Shining Earth Stone 3
    Shining Light Stone 3
    Shining Dark Stone 3
    Boss ORB BOX
    Big Astra BOX
    Big Rune BOX
    Slot Release 100R
    Rift Stone 100R
    ORB Remover 100R
    Small Hard Crystal Box 3
    Small Sharp Crystal Box 3
    Gold Kodora Statue
    Pearl Kodora Statue
    HP Recovery XL+
    SP Recovery XL+
    Large Magical Crystals Exchange
    Exchange Items Count
    Exring evolutionary crystal 10
    Mevius Box 280-320 6
    Rift Stone Box 280-320 4
    Slot Release Box 280-320 4
    ORB Remover Box 280-320 4
    Avatar Box 4
    Awake Crystal 6
    Genma 10 stars Box 4
    Event HP Recovry×10 1
    Event sP Recovry×10 1
    Phantom ORB of Attack 1
    Magical Crystals×20 1
      Event HP Recovry×10 and Event sP Recovry×10 is for the event period only.
      End period is JST 2021/12/1 13:59