10/27:Update Information
    Regular maintenance ended on 10/27 15:30
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    Correspondence Details
    Shop Updates
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    Update Information Details
    Unlocked level cap The level cap will be unlocked up to ”360”.
    Added floor for Main Tower Main Tower Map "[Hard]41F -DESERT-" is added.
    Release the upper limit of Astra Arms and Armors. Astra Arms and Armors limit was increased from 10 to 15.
    Opening Events Details
    King of Wetland! Great Scisstar Defeat Battle! There will be event-only achievements for you to get usable items for your adventure during the period!
    ∟Period: JST 2021/10/27 15:30~2021/11/10 13:59
    Halloween Night Let's get those limited "Halloween" furnitures and avatars from attacking monsters!
    ∟Period:JST 2021/10/20 15:30~2021/11/04 13:59
    Completed Details
    Pillar of Wetland! Giant Solurtle Defeat Battle! ~JST:2021/10/27 13:59
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