Guild Advent Campaign
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    JST:2021/10/6 15:30 ~ 2021/10/20 13:59

    Event contents
    There will be special NPC in the Guild Room, and able to challenge the Special Advent Dungeons
    where the drop rates of "Crystals" are raised!

    The monsters in Advent Dungeons during this campaign will be stronger than usual,
    but the drop rates of "ORBs," and "Crystals" will be up.

    Cooperate with your Guild Members and take this chance to get rare items like Crystals!

    How do you challenge Guild Advent Dungeon?
    ①Talk to Guild Manager and go to "Guild Room, and talk to Guild Advent Dungeon Reception! ② Advent Dungeon→ Select the Advent Dungeon you want to go!