2nd Anniversary Countdown Campaign
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    2nd Anniversary Countdown Campaign

    JST:2021/1/27 15:30 ~ 2021/2/2 23:59

    Let's get Gems by logging in every day until the 2nd-anniversary celebration for "AVABEL LUPINUS"!
    By logging-in every day during the period, GM Mail will be giving away Gems Exchange Ticket once per day!
    After 2/3 15:30 in the event map , [2nd Anniversary] Quest Reception Rinne will appear to use the Gems Exchange Tickets to get Gems in Revere!
    Regarding Gems Exchange Ticket
    You can exchange to 5 Gems with 1 Gems Exchange Ticket.
    The amount of Gems Exchange Ticket that you can get in a day will depend on the date when you have created the account.
    Account Creation Date/Time Amount of Gems Exchange TIcket that you get in a day Maximum Gems you can get during the period
    ~ 2020/2/19 2 70
    2020/2/20 ~ 1 35
    *Gems Exchange Ticket will be sent to the character first logged in.