Bride in Melancholy - Until Death Do Us Part -
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    ■Event period
    ■Event contents
    ■Flow of the event
    ■Event rewards
    ■What is "June Bride Box 2020"?​
    ■What is Exchange Ticket?
    ■What is Popularity?

    Event PeriodJST:2020/6/17 15:30 ~ 2020/7/1 13:59

    Event contents1.Challenge Event Defense Battle, and collect "Reincarnating Love"!
    2.Hand over "Reincarnating Love", and raise your Popularity with Rinne!

    Flow of the event1. Move to Event MAP from Event Transferrer NPC


    2.Challenge Event Defense Battle, and collect "Reincarnating Love"!
    There will be 3 difficulties in Defense Battle!
    Higher the difficulties, more the amount of "Reincarnating Love"!


    3.Hand over "Reincarnating Love," and raise Your Popularity With Rinne!
    By talking to Rinne, you can accept the special quest, and your Popularity with Rinne will grow.
    *You will not be able to accept when the quests' are not unlocked


    Event rewards■Popularity rewards
    By bringing her "Reincarnating Love", Popularity will be unlocked and you will get the rewards
    *Necessary amount for Reincarnating Love will raise as popularity becomes higher
    Popularity Steps Necessary amount of Reincarnating Love to unlock
    (Necessary stacking amount of Reincarnating Love)
    Reward Amount
    [1st Step] 30 (30) Gem 1
    Ex-Boyfriend T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    Ex-Girlfriend T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    JST : 2020/6/18 15:00~
    [2nd Step] 46 (76) Gem 1
    Lover T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    Friend T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    JST : 2020/6/19 15:00~
    [3rd Step] 72 (148) Gem 1
    Where am I? T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    Passer By T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    Flash Mobs Wanted! T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    JST : 2020/6/20 15:00~
    [4th Step] 100 (248) Gem 1
    Event-limited stamp 1
    I LOVE Rinne T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    This is not a wedding! T-Shirt (Upper Avatar) 1
    JST : 2020/6/22 15:00~
    [5th Step] 128 (376) Gems 2
    Event-limited stamp 1
    Lovey Teddy Bear Exchange Ticket (Furniture for My Room) 1
    Welcome Bed Exchange Ticket (Furniture for My Room) 1
    JST : 2020/6/24 15:00~
    [6th Step] 160 (536) Gems 2
    Event-limited stamp 1
    Wedding Cake Exchange Ticket (Furniture for My Room) 1
    Words of Love (Accessory Avatar) 1
    JST : 2020/6/26 15:00~
    [7th Step] 198 (734) Gems 3
    Event-limited stamp 1
    Proof of Love Right (Accessory Avatar) 1
    Proof of Love Left (Accessory Avatar) 1
    June Bride Box 2020 1

    ■Ranking Reward
    Ranking Reward Amount
    1st place Defense Battle Gold Medal 1
    2nd place Defense Battle Silver Medal 2
    3rd place Defense Battle Silver Medal 1
    4 - 10 Defense Battle Bronze Medal 5
    11 - 20 Defense Battle Bronze Medal 3

    What is "June Bride Box 2020"?​This will be Box to get great items randomly such as "Rift Stone 240", "Gangue Piece" or "Slot Release 240".
    Here are the line-ups!

    What is Exchange Ticket?This will be items exchangeable to furniture by handing it over to "Furniture Exchange" NPC

    What is Popularity?​As you clear the Event Defense Battles, it will raise according to the items you hand it over.
    There are maximum of 7 steps, and you get rewards according to the Popularity steps as well!

    Apparently, Rinne's expression also changes as your popularity rises....!
    rinne   rinne
    *Quest can be accepted only once per 1 account.
    *You will not be able to accept when the quests' are not unlocked