[Edit:4/8 16:45]4/1:Notice for Shop Updates
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."
    The following details have been updated in Shop today

    First time purchased Gems 2x campaign now available!
    ∟During the period, added Gems are doubled for first time when purchasing Gems (each 6 types)
      Period:JST 2020/4/1  0:00 ~ 2020/4/3  23:59:59

    ・[100x Step-up Reward included]Mevius Arms & Armor Pack
    ∟Mevius Arms Step-Up Pack with grand items included per 10x is available for limited-time only!
      You are guranteed to get LV240 15 stars of Mevius Weapon if you spin until last!
      Period:JST 2020/4/1  0:00 ~ 2020/4/3  23:59:59

    [Edit:4/2 10:20]
    *There is information within a Pack, "You are guaranteed to get 2 of LV240, 15 stars of Mevius Weapon in total by drawing until last!" but the correct information is 1 "Weapon and Armor" each.
    *As an apology for the wrong information, we will be compensating "LV240, 15 stars of Mevius Weapon Random Box" to the users who have drawn until last, after maintenance on 4/8.

    [Edit:4/8 16:45]
    *You can receive "Mevius Weapon Box 240★15" from Shop Box.

    *You can check from the rates for big win from in-game.
    *Please check for more details and warnings