Happy Valentine
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."


    The sweet scent in the air seduces so many monsters!

    Event PeriodJST:2020/2/12 15:00 ~ 2020/2/26 13:59
    Flow of the event1. Move to Event MAP from Event Transferrer NPC

    2. Accept the Event Quest and clear the Defense Battle!

    You can get chocolates by clearing Defense Battles and Quests,
    and exchange them to items at Event-limited NPC!

    Event Reward
    Quest Rewards
    [Daily] Clear “Valentine Defense Battle Nov” Chocolate for Bae * 3
    [Daily] Clear “Valentine Defense Battle Int” Chocolate for Bae * 5
    [Daily] Clear “Valentine Defense Battle Adv” Chocolate for Bae * 10
    Gem * 1
    Exchanging rewards Materials
    Balloon Head (each color) Pity Chocolate * 50
    Valentine BOX 2020 Pity Chocolate * 30 or Chocolate for Bae * 20
    Production Items Materials
    Balloon Head Heart (each color) Pity Chocolate * 50
    Chocolate for Bae * 50
    Balloon Head (each color) * 1
    Heart Crystal Pity Chocolate * 70
    Chocolate for Bae * 70
    Radiant Heart Crystal Chocolate for Bae * 99
    Heart Crystal * 1

    What is Valentine BOX 2020?
    Box with value items that can get at random.
    You can get Rift Stones and Fragments of Gangues!
     →Here are the line-ups!
    *Daily Quest's progress will be reset everyday at 4:00AM.