Total Gems Purchase Bonus
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    We will start the bonus campaign for Gems purchase!
    This is a give-away campaign to get items by purchasing Gems during the campaign.
    Don't miss this chance to get items to make your adventure more fun!

    JST:2020/1/29 16:00 ~ 2020/2/26 13:59

    Give away
    Total Gems Details
    Total 10 Revere Top G
    Revere Bottoms G
    Total 50 Red Extra Support Book
    Total 75 Blue Extra Support Book
    Total 100 Green Extra Support Book
    Total 200 Small Sharp Crystal Box 3 10
    Small Hard Crystal Box 3 10
    Total 500 Red shooting Star Bk
    Total 600 Blue Shooting Star Bk
    Total 700 Green Shooting Star Bk
    Total 1000 Rainbow Shooting Star Bk
    Total 1500 Crescent Ring 1
    Total 2000 Max Boost Crystal 15
    Total 2500 Slot Release 200
    Total 3000 Rift Stone 200
    Total 4000 Material Ring 1
    Total 5000 Rainbow Stardust Bk

    *The number of Gems will be the total amount of purchase during the campaign.
    *Once the number of Gems have reached the specific amount, the give-away item will automatically be transferred in the Shop Box.
    *You will be able to receive 1 time per 1 account.
    *There may be times that this campaign will end suddenly.
    *The amount of Gems added from the other campaigns such as First-time Payment Gems Increase Campaign will not be counted in the future.