1/15:版本更新情報/Update Information
    定期維護已於 1/15 15:00結束

    商店更新情報 詳情
    尖刀小隊時裝 追加可獲得新時裝「尖刀小隊時裝」的扭蛋!
    開辦活動情報 詳情
    最高樹齡的怪物?巨大亞爾瑪討伐戰 活動期間將出現活動專用成就,完成即可獲得冒險生活中大有用處的道具!
    ∟活動期間:JST 2020/01/15 21:00~2020/01/29 12:30
    中心塔怪物多多活動 怪物復活時間間隔縮短為0
    ∟開催期間:JST 2020/01/15 15:00~2020/01/22 13:59
    32階層解放活動 開辦可以獲得32F環魂晶的任務,限定為期二週!
    ∟活動期間:JST 2020/1/8 15:00~2020/01/22 13:59
    降臨迷宮掉落UP活動 降臨迷宮的掉落率上升!
    ∟活動期間:JST 2020/1/8 15:00~2020/01/22 13:59
    修正完畢 詳情
    第7天連續登入獎勵增量活動 ~JST 2020/1/15 13:59
    毎日新星武具交換活動 ~JST 2020/1/15 13:59
    Regular maintenance ended on 1/15 15:00
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 1/15

    Correspondence Details
    Shop Updates Details
    Penetrate Avatar Pack including new avatar, "Penetrate Avatar" is added!
    Opening Events Details
    The oldest monster!? Giant Alma Defeat Battle! There will be event-only achievements for you to get usable items for your adventure during the period!
    ∟Period: JST 2020/01/15 21:00~2020/01/29 12:30
    Many Monsters at Main Tower Campaign Boss Monsters' repop time will be 0,
    and the popping number of normal monsters are also increased!
    ∟Period: JST 2020/01/15 15:00~2020/01/22 13:59
    32F Unlock Campaign We will be opening quests to get 32F RE ORBs only for two weeks!
    ∟Period: JST 2020/1/8 15:00~2020/01/22 13:59
    Advent Dungeon Raising Drop Rate Campaign The item drop rate for advent dungeon is raised!
    ∟Period: JST 2020/1/8 15:00~2020/01/22 13:59
    Completed Details
    7-days Daily Login Bonus Plus Campaign ~JST 2020/1/15 13:59
    Daily Astra Arms Exchange Campaign ~JST 2020/1/15 13:59
    Thank you for your cooperation.