Ice Titan! Giant Snoa Defeat Battle!

    Opening Period
    Period How to go through event
    2023/09/13 JST:21:00
        ~ 2023/09/27 JST:12:30
    Flow of the event
    10:00 ~ 10:30、12:00 ~ 12:30、
          21:00 ~ 21:30、23:00 ~ 23:30
    Appearance frequency
    pop-up again after 1 minute defeating.

    List of Event Achievements
    Name Reward Amount
    Defeat 1GiantSnoa Red Memo Pad R 1
    Defeat 2GiantSnoa Blue Memo Pad R 1
    Defeat 3GiantSnoa Green Memo Pad R 1
    Defeat 4GiantSnoa Mevius Box 160-200 1
    Defeat 5GiantSnoa Rift Stone Box 160-200 1
    Defeat 10GiantSnoa Auto HP Recovery XL+ 5
    Defeat 15GiantSnoa Goldwerg R 1
    Defeat 20GiantSnoa Hard/Sharp Crystal Box 1
    Defeat 25GiantSnoa Miracle Water 1
    Defeat 30GiantSnoa Max Boost Crystal 1
    JST:2023/09/15 15:00~
    Defeat 35GiantSnoa Mevius Box 180-220 1
    Defeat 40GiantSnoa Rift Stone Box 180-220 1
    Defeat 45GiantSnoa ORB BOX 1
    Defeat 50GiantSnoa Emerald Mellow Statue 1
    Defeat 55GiantSnoa Big Rune BOX 1
    Defeat 60GiantSnoa Weight Expansion 100 R 1
    JST:2023/09/17 15:00~
    Defeat 65GiantSnoa Auto SP Recovery XL+ 5
    Defeat 70GiantSnoa Big Astra BOX 1
    Defeat 75GiantSnoa Goldwerg R 1
    Defeat 80GiantSnoa DP Water 1
    Defeat 85GiantSnoa Hard/Sharp Crystal Box 1
    Defeat 90GiantSnoa Max Boost Crystal 1
    JST:2023/09/20 15:00~
    Defeat 95GiantSnoa Boss ORB BOX 1
    Defeat 100GiantSnoa Goldwerg R 1
    Defeat 105GiantSnoa Evolution Gangue 1
    Defeat 110GiantSnoa Auto HP/SP Recovery XL+ 5
    Defeat 115GiantSnoa Sapphire Mellow Statue 1
    Defeat 120GiantSnoa Bag Expand Bk 5 R 1
    JST:2023/09/22 15:00~
    Defeat 125GiantSnoa Slot Release Box 240-280 1
    Defeat 130GiantSnoa ORB Remover Box 240-280 1
    Defeat 135GiantSnoa RE ORB BOX 1
    Defeat 140GiantSnoa Evolution Gangue 1
    Defeat 145GiantSnoa Slot Release Box 240-280 1
    Defeat 150GiantSnoa Storage Expansion 5 R 1
    JST:2023/09/24 15:00~
    Defeat 155GiantSnoa Mevius Box 240-280 1
    Defeat 160GiantSnoa Rift Stone Box 240-280 1
    Defeat 165GiantSnoa Miracle Water R 1
    Defeat 170GiantSnoa Ruby Mellow Statue 1
    Defeat 175GiantSnoa DP WaterR+ 1
    Defeat 180GiantSnoa Max Boost Crystal Box S 1

    What is Hard/Sharp Crystal Box?  Box that includes 10 Hard Crystals and 10 Sharp Crystals.
    *Event has fixed period and time.
    *Please note that the portal will not show up if its not during the event period.
    *You can receive the rewards according to number of defeats of event monsters.
    *You can also defeat event monsters after achieving all of the achievements.