4.5thAbout the Anniversary Event Raid Boss
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."
    After 8/16 Maintenance 4.5thAbout the Anniversary Event Raid Bosses

    JST:2023/08/16 15:30 ~ 2023/08/30 Until the start time for maintenance

    Event content
    Receive a "4.5th Anniversary Summon Book" from the achievement once a day and summon it on the [User Raid Start Map].
    The person who uses the summons will be transferred to the [Summon Raid Room].
    If you are in the middle of a raid, go to the red portal on the "User Raid Start Map".
    Talk to the "Summon Raid Reception" NPC and move to the raid boss map.
    (The time limit counts immediately after using the summoning book.
    *Raid Boss Map can't use auto-battle.
    Event Detail
    1.Go to the [User Raid Start Map] from 「Transferrer」.

    2.Use the "Silver Week Summon Book" to summon raid bosses on the [User Raid Start Map]!

    3.Move to the raid map from the 「Summon Raid Reception」 NPC. Defeat the raid boss!

    4After defeating them, return from the portal after getting the user raid reward treasure chest.
    *If you return from the portal before getting the reward, the treasure chest will appear at the portal location on the User Raid start map.
    How to start User Raid
    ①Talk to the transferrer ②Select a map to Start User Raid Map.
    ③Use the 4.5th Anniversary Summon Book
    *Image is from another event.
    ④Go to the raid map from the summon raid reception NPC and defeat them!
        Limited time Achievement
    Achievement Reward
    [daily]Defeat Raid Boss Gori-Ice 1 4.5thAnniversary Medal * 1
    Gems * 4
    [daily]Defeat Raid Boss Gori-Ice 2 4.5thAnniversary Medal * 1
    Gems * 4
    [daily]Defeat Raid Boss Gori-Ice 3 4.5thAnniversary Medal * 1
    Gems * 4
    *If you're not part of the attack, can't clear the achievement.

    Reward for Defeat
    討伐ランク 報酬
    S 4.5thAnniversary BOX * 10
    A 4.5thAnniversary BOX * 5
    B 4.5thAnniversary BOX * 2
    C 4.5thAnniversary BOX * 1
    ※The summoner gets the 4.5thAnniversary BOX * 5
    *User Raid Boss Maps have status corrections.
    *[4.5th Anniversary Summon Book] can be received from the Quest 
    *4.5th Anniversary Summon Book will no longer be used after the event period has passed.
    *You can also use other Summon Books during the event.