4.5th Anniversary Event

    2023/8/2 15:30 to 2023/8/16 13:59
    Event contentsIt's summer and it's winter! Just before the 4.5th Anniversary, the climate has suddenly gone crazy.
    It seems to be caused by monsters.
    For some reason, they are springing up more and more, so can't you all help me to defeat them?
    Way to participate
    1. Move to the Defeat Map by talking to the Defeat Map or EXAdv Defeat Map receptionist!
    2. Defeat the monsters on the map and get "4.5 Anniversary Vouchers" from the drop items!
    3. Give the "4.5th Anniversary Voucher" to the NPC "Item Exchange John" to exchange it for a prize!
    How to proceed to the event venue
    Warp Warp
    ①Talk to Event Transferrer ②Select "4.5thAnniversary Event MAP"

    Quest rewardYou can receive the following quests by talking to the NPC "Quest receptionist Anne".
    Quest name Reward
    [daily]Defeat 10 Kodora X in 4.5thAnniversary Defeat Beginner Gems x 3
    4.5thAnniversary BOX x 2
    [daily]Defeat 10 Snoa X in 4.5thAnniversary Defeat Intermediate Gems x 3
    4.5thAnniversary BOX x 2
    [daily]Defeat 10 Sumaris X in 4.5thAnniversary Defeat Advanced Gems x 3
    4.5thAnniversary BOX x 2
    [daily]Defeat Giant Solurtle X in 4.5thAnniversary Defeat EX Adv Gems x 2
    4.5thAnniversary BOX x 4
    Defeat boss monster "Ultimate Salamander" 4.5thAnniversary BOX x 15
    Defeat boss monster "Ultimate Forneus" 4.5thAnniversary BOX x 15
    ※Rewards can only be received once per account

    Exchange item If you give the "4.5thAnniversary Exchange Ticket" to the NPC "Item Exchange John", you can exchange it for the following items
    Items quantity
    4.5thAnniversary BOX 15
    4.5thAnniversary BOX x 5 75
    4.5thAnniversary BOX x 10 150
    Big Rune BOX 20
    Big Astra BOX 20
    Bag Expand Bk 1R 10
    Storage Expansion 10
    Weight Expansion 10
    STR Orb 5 5
    VIT Orb 5 5
    INT Orb 5 5
    MEN Orb 5 5
    DEX Orb 5 5
    HP Orb 5 5
    SP Orb 5 5
    ※Items can only be exchanged during the event period, so please do not forget to exchange them.

      4.5thAnniversary BOX  The following items can be randomly obtained from the "4.5th Anniverasary BOX"
    * The higher you go, the lower the probability of appearing.
    4.5thAnniverasary Detail
    Mevius Box 380-420
    Rift Stone Box 380-420
    Slot Release Box 380-420
    ORB Remover Box 380-420
    Mevius Box 360-400
    Rift Stone Box 360-400
    Slot Release Box 360-400
    ORB Remover Box 360-400
    Max Boost Crystal Box L
    Max Boost Crystal Box M
    Evolution Gangue Big Box
    Evolution Gangue M Box
    Exring evolutionary crystal Large BOX
    Exring evolutionary crystal M BOX
    Awakening Stone M BOX
    Awakening Stone S BOX
    Crescent Ring 1 S BOX
    Material Ring 1 S BOX
    Mevius Box 320-360
    Rift Stone Box 320-360
    Slot Release Box 320-360
    ORB Remover Box 320-360
    Crescent Ring 1
    Material Ring 1
    Exring evolutionary crystal S BOX
    Awakening Stone
    Miracle Water
    Max Boost Crystal Box S
    Evolution Gangue S Box
    Mevius Box 300-340
    Rift Stone Box 300-340
    Slot Release Box 300-340
    ORB Remover Box 300-340
    Max Boost Crystal
    Evolution Gangue
    Boss ORB BOX
    Auto HP Recovery XL+
    Auto SP Recovery XL+
    Auto HP Recovery x10
    Auto SP Recovery x10
    Goldwerg Box 5R
    Small Hard Crystal Box 3
    Small Sharp Crystal Box 3
    Emerald Mellow Statue x3