Undersea Search - Find the treasure that lies beneath the sea floor -

    Challenge the event dungeon and get gorgeous items and limited skill rings!

    PeriodJST:2023/07/19 15:30 ~ 2023/08/02 13:59

    Flow of the eventCollect "Coral Crystals" and "Fireworks Materials" in the event dungeon and get items!
    "Coral Crystals" can be exchanged for luxury items and limited skill rings, and "Fireworks Materials" can be exchanged for fireworks.
    How to go to Event Hall
    Warp Warp
    1. Talk to Event Transferrer 2. Select Undersea Lobi!


    Event Quests
    Quest Name Reward
    [Daily]Defeat 100 UnderSea Archtonis 5,000,000EXP
    Coral Crystals×3
    [Daily]Defeat 100 UnderSea Nex 5,000,000EXP
    Coral Crystals×3
    [Daily]Defeat 100 UnderSea Cancer 5,000,000EXP
    Coral Crystals×3
    [Daily]Defeat 2 UnderSea Eclipse 5,000,000EXP
    Coral Crystals×1
    Item Delivery Survey Sample 20 Coral Crystals×10
    Item Delivery Survey Sample 40 Coral Crystals×15
    Item Delivery Survey Sample 60 Coral Crystals×20
    Item Delivery Survey Sample 80 Coral Crystals×25
    Item Delivery Survey Sample 100 Coral Crystals×30
    [Daily]Item Delivery Survey Sample 25 Coral Crystals×10
    [Daily]Let’s talk to wandering searcher Coral Crystals×3
    Let’s talk to Treasure Hunter Water Gun Ring×1

    ※When the quest "Item Delivery Survey Sample○○" is completed, the next quest will automatically be accepted.
    ※Water Gun Skill is Heavy damage to Deep blue ocean floor Monster
    If you give "Coral Crystal" to "[Water Ring]Evolve Accessory",
    you can strengthen the "Water Gun Ring" or exchange it for a more powerful "Water Gun Ring [Pink]" or "Water Gun Ring [Green]".
    交換アイテム名 必要素材
    Water Gun★1 Coral Crystals×50
    Water Gun[Pink]★1 Coral Crystals×50
    Water Gun[Green]★1 Coral Crystals×50

    You can get a skyrocket by handing "Fireworks Element" to "[Fireworks]Pyrotechnist".
    交換アイテム名 必要素材
    Fireworks: Pink×1 Fireworks Material×1
    Fireworks: Pink×5 Fireworks Material×5
    Fireworks: Orange×1 Fireworks Material×1
    Fireworks: Orange×5 Fireworks Material×5
    Fireworks: Green×1 Fireworks Material×1
    Fireworks: Green×5 Fireworks Material×5
    Fireworks: Blue×1 Fireworks Material×1
    Fireworks: Blue×5 Fireworks Material×5
    Fireworks: Heart×1 Fireworks Material×1
    Fireworks: Heart×5 Fireworks Material×5
    What Fireworks?By using it, the effect of fireworks will be displayed.