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    Opening Events Details
    Undersea Search - Find the treasure that lies beneath the sea floor - The suspicious field suddenly appears on the ocean floor! Cooperate in surveys and get luxurious items.
    Able to get ""Water Gun Avatar"" with material dropping from the event dungeon. And there are event limited skillrings. Period:JST 2023/7/19 15:30~2023/08/02 13:59
    Guardian of the Desert! Great Lekos Defeat Battle! There will be event-only achievements for you to get usable items for your adventure during the period!
    ∟Period: JST 2023/07/19 15:30~2023/08/02 13:59
    Completed Details
    Treasure Hunt in the Desert~Hidden Desert Droplets~ ~JST:2023/7/19 13:59
    Sly and Poisonous Snake! Giant Sandpiper Defeat Battle! ~JST:2023/7/19 13:59
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