4/26:Let's play in Lupinus during the Golden Week holidays
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    The Golden Week holidays campain will be held from 4/26 after maintenance.
    During the campaign, let's get magic stones and useful items for training!

    2023年4月26日(水) 15:30 ~ 2023年5月10日(水) メンテナンス開始まで
    Let's play "Avabel Lupinus" during The Golden Week holidays!
    During this period, get a variety of items through limited achievements, login bonuses, and one free gacha every day.
    From items useful for training to Gems that can be used in the store, you can also get them!
    GW Limited Login Bonus
    A special login bonus will be given every day during Golden Week holidays!
    *Receive it from the achievement by logging in to Revere!
    *This log-in bonus will be fulfilled until 23:59:59 on the day of the bonus.
    *Only on 5/10, it will be until 13:59:59.
    *Times are in Japan time.
    Achievement condition Reward
    4/26 15:30~ Gems*2 Red Memo Pad R*1
    4/27 Gems*2 Blue Memo Pad R*1
    4/28 Gems*2 Green Memo Pad R*1
    4/29 Gems*2 Goldwerg R*10
    4/30 Gems*2 Bag Expand Bk 5 R*1
    5/01 Gems*2 Storage Expansion 5 R*1
    5/02 Gems*2 Weight Expansion 100 R*1
    5/03 Gems*2 Big Rune BOX*3
    5/04 Gems*2 Big Astra BOX*3
    5/05 Gems*2 ORB BOX*3
    5/06 Gems*2 RE ORB BOX*3
    5/07 Gems*2 Boss ORB BOX*3
    5/08 Gems*2 Evolution Gangue*10
    5/09 Gems*2 Max Boost Crystal*10
    5/10 13:59 Gems*2 Mevius Box 300*1

    GW Limited Achievement
    During Golden Week holidays, GW limited achievements will be added in addition to daily achievements.
    Day Reward
    Total defeat point 150000 (Account) Gems×1、Large Magical Crystals×1
    Total defeat point 200000(Account) Gems×1、Large Magical Crystals×2
    Total defeat point 250000(Account) Gems×1、Large Magical Crystals×3
    Total defeat point 300000(Account) Gems×1、Large Magical Crystals×4
    Total defeat point 350000(Account) Gems×1、Large Magical Crystals×5
    Total defeat point 400000(Account) Gems×1、Large Magical Crystals×6
    *The "Large Magical Crystals" can be exchanged for items in the "Phantom Corridor" being held at the same time.
    One free gacha every dayDuring Golden Week holidays, one free gacha can be played every day!

    2023/04/26 15:30 ~ 2023/05/10 13:59 (JST)

    *Please check the store for the free gacha lineup.
    AVABEL LUPINUS. Operation Team