[2023/04/19]ZENITH CLASH -Rock Dragon-
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    JST:2023/4/19 15:30 ~
    Event contents
    New technical battle "ZENITH CLASH -Rock Dragon-" will be open!
     What is ZENITH CLASH?
    ZENITH CLASH is a time-attack battle to compete how much faster can you defeat "Core Boss."
    Core Boss will summon kindred monsters as HP is reduced at some point, which will be high difficulty battle.

    Exchange the ranking reward "ZENITH Gold Coin" to Core Boss ORBs and Skill Rings and gorgeous items!

    How to challenge
    In order to join the "ZENITH CLASH," you will need "ZENITH CLASH Ticket."
    You can get "ZENITH CLASH Ticket" by clearing the Achievement.

    Achievement rewards
    "ZENITH CLASH Ticket" Giveaway  *Only 1x!
    *  Login to Revere after JST:2022/01/26 15:30 to clear achievement.
    You will not get it if you have already cleared it.
    [Daily] Total defeat point 50000 (Account) ZENITH CLASH Ticket
    How to go to Event Hall

    ①Talk over to "Transferrer"
      and select one of "Quest/Dungeon"

    ②Talk over to "Technical Battle Reception Enns"

    ③Change the rule to "Quick" at Create Room, and select one of "ZENITH CLASH"

    How to receive rewards

    By talking over to "ZENITH Reward Exchange" next to "Technical Battle Reception Enns,"
    you can exchange to each rewards with "ZENITH CLASH Gold Coin," and "ZENITH CLASH Silver Coin."
    *You can check about each rewards at in-game Exchange.

    You can receive "ZENITH Silver Coin" as clear rewards at "ZENITH CLASH," and you can exchange 10 "ZENITH Silver Coins" to 1 "ZENITH Gold Coin."
    Also, you can also receive "ZENITH Gold Coin" as top rewards for weekly ranking.

    *When the HP becomes 0 while challenging "ZENITH CLASH," the receiving EXP and JEXP will be reduced.
    *When you take more than 30 minutes for challenging "ZENITH CLASH," the EXP and JEXP will be reduced according to the passing time.