Max Boost support campaign

    PeriodJST:2023/03/08 15:30 ~ 2023/03/23 13:59

    Flow of the eventHold Max Boost support campaign!
    During the campaign period, the G (gold) required to release the level cap will be one tenth of the normal amount.

    ■Get the items you need for Max Boost with the gacha sold during the campaign period

    【Limited to Max Boost support campaign】Max Boost Crystal Pack
     ∟During the Max Boost Support Campaign period,The special bonus will be added to the Max Boost Crystal Gacha with a step-up bonus!
       Use it to unlock the level limit!
       Period:JST:2023/03/08 15:30 ~ 2023/03/23 13:59

    ■Get a large amount of EXP in the new dungeon "EXP Dungeon"!

     ・By consuming the "EXP Dungeon Ticket" that can be purchased at the shop, you can challenge the "EXP Dungeon" where you can get a large amount of EXP!
        Period:JST:2023/03/08 15:30 ~ 2023/03/23 13:59
    How to get to "EXP Dungeon"
    Warp Warp
    ①Talk to "[Max Boost campaign]Dungeon Guide"! ②Select "[Campaign] EXP Dungeon"!