4th Anniversary Event held!
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."

    JST:2023/01/25 15:30 ~ 2023/02/22 Until the start time for maintenance

    Flow of the event
    1.Let's go to the "4th Anniversary Festival Venue" from the "Event Transferrer" in Revere!
    2.Let's challenge the "Challenge Dungeon" at the "4th Anniversary Festival Venue"!
    3.Defeat the monsters in the event dungeon and get the "4th Anniversary Medal"!
    4.You can exchange the GET "4th Anniversary Medal" for prizes by giving it to NPC "[Item Exchange] Rinne".
            *Items can only be exchanged during the event period, so please be careful not to forget to exchange them.

    Quest rewardYou can receive the following quests by talking to the NPC "[Quest  Reception]Faine".
    Quest name Reward
    [Daily] Defeat 10 "Thief Squirro" in "Square Outside The Festival Venue・Beginner" Max Boost Crystal×1
    [Daily] Defeat 10 "Thief Snore" in "Square Outside The Festival Venue・Intermediate" 4th Anniversary BOX×1
    [Daily] Defeat 10 "Thief Mellow" in "Square Outside The Festival Venue・Advanced" 4th Anniversary BOX×1
    ※Rewards can only be received once per account

      4th Anniversary BOX  The following items can be randomly obtained from the "4th Anniversary BOX" that can be exchanged from the NPC "[Item Exchange] Rinne".
    * The higher you go, the lower the probability of appearing.
    4th Anniversary BOX Prize list
    ORB Remover Box 340-380NEW
    Slot Release Box 340-380NEW
    Rift Stone Box 340-380NEW
    Mevius Box 340-380NEW
    ORB Remover Box 320-360
    Slot Release Box 320-360
    Rift Stone Box 320-360
    Mevius Box 320-360
    ORB Remover Box 300-340
    Slot Release Box 300-340
    Rift Stone Box 300-340
    Mevius Box 300-340
    Max Boost Crystal Box L
    Max Boost Crystal Box M
    Evolution Gangue Big Box
    Exring evolutionary crystal Large BOX
    Awakening Stone
    Crescent Ring 1
    Material Ring 1
    Mevius Box 240-280
    Rift Stone Box 240-280
    Slot Release Box 240-280
    ORB Remover Box 240-280
    Miracle Water
    Bag Expand Bk 1 R
    Storage Expansion
    Weight Expansion 20 R
    Max Boost Crystal Box S
    Green Scroll
    Evolution Gangue x3
    Boss ORB BOX
    Red Scroll
    Blue Scroll
    Max Boost Crystal
    Auto HP Recovery
    Auto SP Recovery
    ORB Remover Box 180-220
    Slot Release Box 180-220
    Rift Stone Box 180-220
    Mevius Box 180-220
    HP Recovery XL+
    SP Recovery EXL
    Small Hard Crystal Box 3
    Small Sharp Crystal Box 3
    Sapphire Mellow Statue