Releasing the upper limit of Awaken Class EX skill Rings

    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."
    We would like to inform you that after the maintenance on January 11, 2023, the upper limit of Awaken Class EX Skill Rings has been released.

    Target ClassAll Awaken Class EX Skill Rings will be able to evolve from ★6 to ★10.

    Materials required for evolutionThe materials required to evolve an EX skill ring are the same for all occupations, and the materials change depending on the number of ★.
    Number of ★ Material ① Material ➁ Material ➂ Material ④
    ★5→★6 Crescent Ring 5×1 Light Crystal-Sharp×6 Light Crystal-Hard×6 Exring evolutionary crystal×20
    ★6→★7 Crescent Ring 5×2 Light Crystal-Sharp×7 Light Crystal-Hard×7 Exring evolutionary crystal×25
    ★7→★8 Crescent Ring 5×2 Light Crystal-Sharp×8 Light Crystal-Hard×8 Exring evolutionary crystal×30
    ★8→★9 Crescent Ring 5×3 Light Crystal-Sharp×9 Light Crystal-Hard×9 Exring evolutionary crystal×35
    ★9→★10 Crescent Ring 5×3 Light Crystal-Sharp×10 Light Crystal-Hard×10 Exring evolutionary crystal×40

    Advantages of EX skill Ring evolutionBy evolving the EX skill ring, there are merits such as increasing skill power and increasing each status effect.
    Number of ★ Effect
    ★6 Each status+110、HP+10000、SP+400、Cuts off 1% of skill cooltime
    ★7 Each status+120、HP+15000、SP+800、Cuts off 2% of skill cooltime
    ★8 Each status+130、HP+20000、SP+1200、Cuts off 3% of skill cooltime
    ★9 Each status+140、HP+25000、SP+1600、Cuts off 4% of skill cooltime
    ★10 Each status+150、HP+30000、SP+2000、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime