Advanced class MasteRing release

    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."
    We would like to inform you that the recipes for advanced class MasteRing have been released after the maintenance on January 11, 2023.

      What is Advanced Class MasteRing?
    You can create a master ring using ★10 EX Skill Rings of 4 specific Advanced Classes as materials.
    In addition to being able to use all the skills of the skill ring used as a material for the master ring, the status effect is also increased.

    List of EX Skill Ring Material Combinations for Advanced Class Master Rings
    The combinations of EX Skill Rings for advanced classes used as materials are as follows.
    *Separate materials are required to synthesize and evolve the master ring.
    Mastering name Material ① (Class name) Material ➁ (Class name) Material ➂ (Class name) Material ④ (Class name)
      Hero Master Ring   Tyrant Ring 10
      Raging Inferno Ring 10
    (Fire Bringer)
      Perishing Flash Ring 10
      Tempest Ring 10
      Fortitude Master Ring   Astral Cross Ring 10
      Lance of Gale Ring 10
      Sacred Cross Ring 10
      Abyssabre Ring 10
    (Dark Knight)
      Darkness Master Ring   Dark Dagger Ring 10
      Scapegoat Bomb Ring 10
      Down Burst Ring 10
    (Storm Raider)
      Evil Feather Ring 10
      God speed Master Ring   Clown Come Ring 10
      Tentacles Ring 10
    (Soul Breaker)
      Crude Blade Ring 10
      Raijin Ring 10
      Archer Master Ring   Icicle Rain Ring 10
      Arrow of Arjuna Ring 10
      Invisible Trap Ring 10
    (Trap Gunner)
      Power of Byakko Ring 10
    (Azusa Yoichi)
      Shooter Master Ring   Heavenly Laser Ring 10
      Tathlum Cannon Ring 10
      Bullet Stream Ring 10
    (Gun Slinger)
      Twin Bullets Ring 10
    (Double Barrel)
      Magic Master Ring   Secret Garden Ring 10
      Mixed Pandemonium Ring 10
      Gigant Axe Crash Ring 10
    (Battle Force)
      Elemental Barrier Ring 10
       Armor Master Ring   Ocean Beard Pirates Ring 10
      Omega Crush Ring 10
      Forging Ring 10
      End of Earth Ring 10
    (Battle Cracker)
      Hellfire Master Ring   Hades Judgment Ring 10
    (Dark Pain)
      Eruption Ring 10
      Niflheim Ring 10
      Lost Meteor Ring 10
    (Lost Speller)
      Element Master Ring   Keravnos Ring 10
      Wind Vortex Ring 10
      Fierce Ray Ring 10
      Elemental Sword Ring 10
    (Soul Blader)
      Protection Master Ring   Arcadia Ring 10
      Archangel Blessing Ring 10
      Time Domination Ring 10
      Evil Hindrance Ring 10
      Martial arts Master Ring   Terra Blast Ring 10
      Planet Blow Ring 10
    (Leg Sol)
      Dragon Demolish Ring 10
      Yo Shiki-God Field Ring 10
    (Ying Yang Master)
       Ascending dragon Master Ring   Tornado Steps Ring 10
    (Battle Dancer)
      Ex Drive Ring 10
      Doom of Wolf Ring 10
      Dragon Rage Ring 10
      Accompaniment Master Ring   Tint Resonance Ring 10
      Sequence of Water Ring 10
      Wonder Color Ring 10
      Deesse De La Mer Ring 10
      Silver wolf Master Ring   Fell Break Ring 10
      Arouse Eternity Ring 10
      Last Slumber Ring 10
      Hell Flame Ring 10
      Marionette Master Ring   Eradication Ring 10
      Astral mode D Ring 10
    (Grim Reaper)
      Desperation Ring 10
    (Phantom Guard)
      Unleash Ring 10
    (Puppet Master)

        How to create Advanced Class MasteRing
    It can be created by selecting "Advanced Class MasteRing" from the NPC "Expert Blacksmith" in Revere.

    Advantages of MasteRing evolutionA master ring can be evolved up to a maximum of 10 stars, and each status effect will be further increased by evolving.
    * Skill Lv (power), cooltime effect, etc. do not change even if evolved.
    Number of ★ Effect
    Each status+60、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★2 Each status+65、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★3 Each status+70、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★4 Each status+75、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★5 Each status+80、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★6 Each status+85、HP+10000、SP+400、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★7 Each status+90、HP+15000、SP+800、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★8 Each status+95、HP+20000、SP+1200、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★9 Each status+100、HP+25000、SP+1600、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime
    ★10 Each status+110、HP+30000、SP+2000、Cuts off 5% of skill cooltime