Christmas Rush Battle Strongest Decisive Battle!

    2022/12/7 15:30 to 2022/12/28 13:59

    Event contents
    • Aim for the No. 1 rush battle in both individual battles and guild battles!
    • Ranking 1st place reward "Champion Belt" can be exchanged for luxury prizes such as "Mevius Box 380"
    • In addition, there are plenty of prizes such as Christmas limited avatars and furniture
    Way to participate
    1. Talk to the entry receptionist for individual battles or guild battles and challenge the rush battle!
    2. Get "Merikuri 2022 Exchange Ticket" according to the number of monsters defeated within the time limit
    3. "Merikuri 2022 Exchange Ticket" can be exchanged for prizes by giving it to NPC "Item Exchange John"
    How to proceed to the event venue
    Warp Warp
    ①Talk to Event Transferrer ②Select "Christmas Rush Battle Strongest Decisive Battle! Venue"

    Quest rewardYou can receive the following quests by talking to the NPC "Quest receptionist Anne".
    Quest name Reward
    [daily]Defeat 10 Kodora X in Individual Battle Lightweight (Beginner) Merikuri 2022BOX×1
    [daily]Defeat 10 Snoa X in Individual Battle Middleweight (Intermediate) Merikuri 2022BOX×1
    [daily]Defeat 10 Sumaris X in Individual Battle Heavyweight (Advanced) Merikuri 2022BOX×1
    [daily]Defeat Giant Solurtle X in Guild Battle Merikuri 2022BOX×2
    ※Rewards can only be received once per account

    How to challenge Rush Battle 
    How to challenge Rush Battle
    ①Talk to NPC "[Individual Battle]Entry reception" or "[Guild Battle]Entry Acceptance"

    ②Select a course from Create a room challenge!
    ※Please note that "Guild Battle" cannot be selected unless the character belongs to a guild.

    Ranking reward

    Rank Individual Battle Lightweight Individual Battle Middleweight Individual Battle Heavyweight Guild Battle
    First place Champion Belt×1 Champion Belt×1 Champion Belt×2 Champion Belt×1
    2nd to 3rd place Merikuri 2022BOX×30 Merikuri 2022BOX×30 Merikuri 2022BOX×30 Merikuri 2022BOX×30
    4th to 10th place Merikuri 2022BOX×15 Merikuri 2022BOX×15 Merikuri 2022BOX×15 Merikuri 2022BOX×20
    11th to 50th place Merikuri 2022BOX×10 Merikuri 2022BOX×10 Merikuri 2022BOX×10
    51st to 100th place Merikuri 2022BOX×5 Merikuri 2022BOX×5 Merikuri 2022BOX×5
    ※Rankings reset every Saturday at 3:00 PM GMT. Top finishers will be rewarded.

    What is a Champion Belt?The 1st ranking reward "Champion Belt" can be exchanged for one of the following items at the NPC "Synthesis" in Revere.
    Champion Belt exchange item list
    Mevius Box 380
    Awakening Stone×3
    Max Boost Crystal Box L

    Exchange item If you give the "Merikuri 2022 Exchange Ticket" to the NPC "Item Exchange John", you can exchange it for the following items
    Item name Required number
    Reindeer Headband 15
    Merikuri 2022BOX×10 30
    Merikuri 2022BOX×5 15
    Merikuri 2022BOX 3
    Beginner support box 4
    2021Christmas Furniture 4
    2021Christmas Furniture BOX 20
    Christmas Furniture 4
    Christmas Furniture BOX 20
    Wintry Furniture 4
    Wintry Furniture BOX 20
    ※Items can only be exchanged during the event period, so please do not forget to exchange them.

      Merikuri 2022BOX  The following items can be randomly obtained from the "Merikuri 2022BOX"
    * The higher you go, the lower the probability of appearing.
    Merikuri 2022BOX Prize list
    ORB Remover Box 320-360
    Slot Release Box 320-360
    Rift Stone Box 320-360
    Mevius Box 320-360
    ORB Remover Box 300-340
    Slot Release Box 300-340
    Rift Stone Box 300-340
    Mevius Box 300-340
    Max Boost Crystal Box L
    Max Boost Crystal Box M
    Evolution Gangue Big Box
    Exring evolutionary crystal Large BOX
    Awakening Stone
    Crescent Ring 1
    Material Ring 1
    Mevius Box 240-280
    Rift Stone Box 240-280
    Slot Release Box 240-280
    ORB Remover Box 240-280
    Miracle Water
    Bag Expand Bk 1 R
    Storage Expansion
    Weight Expansion 20 R
    Max Boost Crystal Box S
    Green Scroll
    Evolution Gangue x3
    Boss ORB BOX
    Red Scroll
    Blue Scroll
    Max Boost Crystal
    Auto HP Recovery
    Auto SP Recovery
    ORB Remover Box 180-220
    Slot Release Box 180-220
    Rift Stone Box 180-220
    Mevius Box 180-220
    HP Recovery XL+
    SP Recovery EXL
    Small Hard Crystal Box 3
    Small Sharp Crystal Box 3
    Sapphire Mellow Statue