9/7:Notice for Shop Updates
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL LUPINUS."
    The following details have been updated in Shop today

    ・[Mevius Box 400 added]SPECIAL BOX Pack
     ∟ Added "Mobius Box 400" to Jackpot
         Period:JST 2022/09/07 15:30 ~ 2022/09/14 13:59

    ・Cave Talisman
     ∟Items for the Treasure Hunt in Cave event
        You can challenge "Shambhala Cave Deep" where you can get a large amount of materials by consuming it.
          Period:JST 2022/09/07 15:30 ~ 2022/09/21 13:59

    ・[Up to 1 during the period]Shambhala Crystals
     ∟Items for the Treasure Hunt in Cave event
        Synthesize "Shambhala Crystal" and "Soul Fragment" to get "Shambhala ORB"!
         Period:JST 2022/09/07 15:30 ~ 2022/09/21 13:59

    ・[Step-up with Bonus]Groovy Avatar
     ∟You get more and more gorgeous items
      as you draw from Avatar Pack with bonus will be added too!
    *You can check from the rates for big win from in-game.
    *Please check for more details and warnings