當前已確認的異常現象/Issues currently confirmed
    異常詳情 應對情況
    七彩共鳴Lv4、5效果異常 已修正完畢
    試試看挑戰迷宮吧! 無法完成的異常現象 已修正完畢
    每天都在攀攀塔玩吧!任務有時無法正常完成的異常現象 已修正完畢
    部分特殊防具的配方於生產道具不同 由於生產配方出現異常現象,已撤下部分配方
    Lv148左右的等級與8/14維護後降級 已修正完畢
    顯示無法完成的「新每日任務」 已修正完畢
    存在可參加的PT的情況下,部分玩家卻無法通過「簡易參加」參加PT 已修正完畢
    奪回大海!活動內無法領取成就報酬的異常現象 已修正完畢
    巨大艾比爾飛行怪討伐戰內移動以及遊玩時,發生延遲現象 已修正完畢
    情緒BOX內出現的情緒「威嚇」與「喵喵拳」顯示的翻譯相反 已修正完畢
    統計排名時含有其他國家內容的異常現象 已修正完畢

    About issues fixing conditions
    Tint Resonance Lv4, 5 effects are not working properly completed.
    Not able to clear "Let’s try out the challenge dungeon!" completed.
    There may be cases of not correctly clearing the quest, Let’s play at Climbing Tower everyday! completed.
    Some recipes for special arms differ according to production item. Due to issues with production recipe, some recipes will be taken down.
    The level decreased around Lv148 after the maintenance on 8/14. completed.
    "New Daily Quests" that cannot be cleared is shown. completed.
    Issue of not showing EXP correctly after Lv146, and becomes Lv160 when reached to Lv159.
    *The EXP showing when reaching to Lv159, is actually necessary EXP for Lv160.
    There may be cases of not being able to join the PT using "Simple Join" although there are PT that can join. completed.
    Issue of not being able to receive the Achieve reward from the Get back the beach! Event completed.
    Some of Icy&Snowy Avatar sold before is not shown
    *Avatar currently sold is shown
    Issue of lag when moving during Giant Evilcanca Defeat Battle completed.
    Issue of Gems may not increase when receiving Event Achievements. completed.
    Wrong dungeon name was written in the title and details for "Challenge Dungeon 3" in Beginner Daily Quest. completed.
    Issue of rankings from other countries are included in the Raking Total completed.

    We deeply apologize for the issues caused.