Part 2 of Awaken Class

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    This is the details for Part 2 of Awaken Class added after the maintenance on 2020/10/14.

    Requirements to change to Awaken Class
    • Mastered specific 2 Advanced Classes
    • Use 10 Evolution Gangues when unlocking classes
    • Need level up to from Lv200 to Lv240, to learn all skills
    • Able to use 1 new skill, and some of the skills of the 2 Classes can be used as special skills, able to use 2 EX Skills for 2 Classes
    *You will not be able to use Advanced Class skills
    *Awaken Class EX Skills will be added later

    Part 2 of Awaken Class
    Awaken Class Name Class Class① Class②
    Blade Master Warrior Samurai Blader
    Frost Archer Ranger Elfeen Sniper
    Grand Magus Magician Glacial Lost Speller
    Tempester Rogue Debuster Raiden
    Elaim Wanderer Painter   Undine
    Blood Seeker Revenger Cleaver Vampire
    Axe Riser Creator Battle Force Enchanter
    Striker Acolyte Gradia Leg Sol

    Awaken Class Special Skill

    *This is a test video, so the motions of actual cool time may differ.
    Click here for the reference video

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